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absenttalk's Journal

No School Chat community!!!
Absent Ville
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yoeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! Dis Be Da Community For People That Are Absent From School! i guess, maybe, its for people who cut school or something, or just for people who are absent or something so that waay they can go heree, and have someone to talk to on a day their bored, and just want to talk to someone! so..how would you use this wonderful community to your benefit, you may ask!? what a wonderful question, and what a wonderful AWESOME answer i shall have You Today!!!!!!!!!! so check it out, just look at the first entry on may 13th, 2002, the day this journal was AWESOMEly created. if youd like to help contribute something to this community, feel free to do so, by emailing jordan at jordanino@hotmail.com :)